Frequently Asked Questions


For custom artwork inquiries, please fill out the “custom art request” form. Be sure to include the subject and size you are interested in for a precise quote. If you have a specific photo you want Casey to reference, please email it to Casey’s availability for custom artwork is limited, so include as many descriptive details as possible when sending your request. Casey creates each custom piece by hand using a combination of brush strokes and airbrushing techniques. Each custom work of art is hand signed by Casey and comes with a certificate of authenticity for proof of value.


Listed artwork prices are non-negotiable. All custom portraits start at $5100. Pricing will vary based on the size, style, and number of people in the painting. Custom high-gloss abstract paintings start at $1500. Please fill out the “custom art request” form for a precise quote.


Shipping costs vary based on the size of the artwork as well as the shipping location. If you are purchasing a canvas painting over 48 inches and want to save a lot of money on shipping, we can ship the painting rolled instead of on the frame. For special shipping requests, please email and we will be more than happy to help. Pickup is available in Los Angeles, California only.